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The videos from the2020 XAS Workshop at the CLS are on YouTube! Check back frequently as new videos are uploaded.

Recent Low Concentration Measurements

Recent sensitivity limits of BioXAS-Spectroscopy Main. Including: A Se 115 ppm EXAFS measurement of NIST 611 standard, a sub-ppm measurements of a solid sample - Au L3 edge and a 1 ppm Eu XANES on NIST 614 standard. For more info: https://bioxas-spectroscopy.lightsource.ca/sensitivity-limits/

BioXAS Spectroscopy Beamlines

There are two Hight-Sensitivity Spectroscopy Beamlines at BioXAS: Main and Side. They were specially designed to measure the XAS spectra of transition elements in bulk Biological samples with very diluted concentrations. In practice, this means the photon flux is usable from 5 to 32 keV (it peaks at ~12 keV), and that they have very sensitive fluoresce detectors. These makes the beamlines also very capable for Material and Environmental Science studies as well, where the concentration of the elements of interest are typically higher than in biological samples, so they are easier to measure.



  • x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES)
  • Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS)


Example Research Areas 

  • Chemical forms of trace elements, metals, and metalloids in purified metalloproteins isolated from various biological tissues; for example, human disease specimens, plants, toxic wastes
  • Speciation of toxic elements in mine impacted environment
  • Speciation and crystal structure investigation of materials with applications as semiconductors, memory shape alloys, and catalyzers, among others. 

List of Publications »

  • Deng, Ya-Ping; Jiang, Yi; Liang, Ruilin; Chen, Ning; Chen, Weiwei et al. (2023). Reconstructing 3d-Metal Electrocatalysts through Anionic Evolution in Zinc–Air Batteries. Journal of the American Chemical Society 145(37) , 20248-20260. 10.1021/jacs.3c03214.
  • Lum, Jullieta E.; Schoepfer, Valerie A.; Jamieson, Heather E.; McBeth, Joyce M.; Radková, Anežka Borčinová et al. (2023). Arsenic and antimony geochemistry of historical roaster waste from the Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Canada. Journal of Hazardous Materials 458, 132037. 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2023.132037.
  • Miclette Lamarche, Renaud; Gasonoo, Akpeko; Hoff, Anderson; Chernikov, Roman; Welch, Gregory C. et al. (2023). Room-Temperature Photodeposited Amorphous VOx Hole-Transport Layers for Organic Devices. Chemistry of Materials 35(6) , 2353-2362. 10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c03305.

Beamline Staff

Roman Chernikov
Beamline Scientist
Office Location: 2070
Tel.  +1 (306) 657 3814
Fax.  306-657-3535

Amanda Quirk
Associate Scientist
Office Location: 2074
Tel.  +1 (306) 657 3755
Fax.  306-657-3535

Morgane Desmau
Associate Scientist
Office Location: 2070
Tel.  + 1(306) 657 3591
Fax.  306-657-3535