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BioXAS Spectroscopy is part of the BioXAS Sector and operates two beamlines, BioXAS-Main (07ID-2M) and BioXAS-Side (07ID-2S).

The source of X-rays on 07ID-2 is a "flat-top" permanent magnet wiggler inserted into the storage ring. The spectroscopy beamlines measure the X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) of bulk solid and liquid samples in Transmission and Fluorescence Yield modes.

BioXAS-Spectroscopy beamline is optimized for the high-sensitivity X-ray detection on low concentrated samples. Beamline applications are focused on (but not limited to) Bio/Life sciences.

Example study systems

  • local coordination around metallic centers in enzymes,
  • oxidation states around metallic centers in materials of interest in a wide range of materials,
  • monitoring the evolution of electronic state in the single-atom catalysts,
  • analyzing the chemical speciation of trace elements in minerals and soils.

We are located on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Interested in touring the beamline? Start with a virtual tour!

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