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Beamline Updates

  • Beamline Updates: Due to COVID-19 BioXAS moves to Drop-in/Mail-in mode exclusively

    Posted on July 09, 2020
    Due to COVID-19 CLS is now only accepting samples mailed in, or dropped in, and no external users are allowed on-site. The measurements will be conducted by the staff, but users are encouraged to participate by talking to the staf before or during the experiment.   In the near future, we hope it will be possible also for users to control the experiment remotely.   Details on the Mail-in program can be found at   Contact the Beamline staff for more details if necessary.  

  • BioXAS Spectroscopy beamlines open for general users Image

    Beamline Updates: BioXAS Spectroscopy beamlines open for general users

    Posted on May 27, 2019
    BioXAS Spectroscopy beamlines are now fully operational and have been collecting high quality spectroscopy data for various research projects.

  • Beamline Updates: BioXAS to start receiving proposals for General User Access on August 1st 2018

    Posted on July 24, 2018
    BioXAS side and main will start accepting general user proposals for Jan-Jun 2019, starting next Wednesday, August 1st, 2018. Proposals can be submitted using CLS"s User Portal (